About us

Hello. Welcome to Anandam Travel Needs.

Anandam is a concept of travelling with uncontrolled emotions. Anandam is to travel for enjoyment, pleasure and satisfaction. These principles are deep rooted into my family and we intend to provide you with a chance to experience it.

Since we believe that holidays should be refreshing and time stopping, we’ve taken the challenge to plan your travel on these ideas.

We plan to provide the best possible stress free holidays. Be it foot, road, rail, air or water, we’ll be there at your service. Our itineraries will be crisp yet very easy to follow. Minutest of the details will be highlighted and even least of the hidden costs will be mentioned.

No longer will you be required to get up at 5 am for an excursion when all you want is a cozy sleep only to get up for a lavish breakfast. Being avid travelers ourselves, we know of the hurdles met while on a holiday or leisure travel resulting into back breaking stressful holidays.

Nidhi Ajmera.